What the Hell Happened to You, Google?

Remember back in the day when everyone was enamored by Google? Its “Don’t Be Evil” mantra was echoed across the Internet, respected and loved by all. That slogan was coined back in 2006. Nonetheless, the slogan’s guiding principles served at the core of its foundation in the early days when it was only Larry, Sergey, and a couple of other engineers.

Now, look at what has happened: Search Plus Your World, the "Don’t Be Evil" bookmarklet, and Page’s “new” direction for the company. Oh, and don’t forget all those creepy and anti-privacy Eric Schmidt has made in the past year or so. You remember those, right?

So, I say this to you, as a former champion of your creed: what the hell happened to you guys? I remember when I first started using your search engine and how awesome it was. I remember when I started using Gmail back in 2004 when it was still invite-only and knew how it would change webmail forever. But you guys have been gradually (and slowly) spiraling down on a directionless path. I was hopeful when Schmidt stepped back down earlier this year—reeling ole buddyroos Page and Brin back to more influential roles—therefore ringing in a new era of the nerd-awesomeness that once breathed life and energy into the company. But after the recent SPYW announcement, you’re no longer about relevancy anymore when it comes to searches, your chief product. 

Honestly, it would make me happy—and not to mention countless others—to see your once fresh and empowering ideas of a Better Internet resurface. But it might be too late now.